Vilniaus r. sav. – A case of Skaidiski Park

Projektą parengė:
Christopher Osei Kusi, Rubatsirorwashe Matsongoni, Alex Kirika

The main purpose of this project is to generate income, contribute to the improvement of the economic environment, and increase employment to help solve social problems in Skaidiškiu village, Nemėžio, Vilnius district.

This project consists of two stages. The first and second stages respectively. The first stage covers the analysis of the current situation of the selected object or territory (skaidiski park) under consideration and a general vision of the future of the project. The second stage address the developed vision of the object or territory in detail; providing detailed and economically justified architectural, engineering, design, urban, and other required solutions.

Authors: SHAPPERS (Christopher Osei Kusi, Rubatsirorwashe Matsongoni, Alex Kirika) Vilnius Tech

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